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A Birth Control Pill Subscription

Convenient, safe and discreet.

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How does Prev. work?

Download the Prev. app, take a few minutes to answer some questions regarding your health.

Our doctors will review your unique health information, recommend you a suitable pill and issue a prescription. 

We'll get your pill delivered to your preferred address on time, in a discreet package with no extra costs. We will send you a new package every month before the pills run out. 

We’re always here for you! Use the pill tracker and pill reminder in our app to stay on track and text us anytime for ongoing care, no appointment needed.

We're on a mission to revolutionise access to oral contraception for women

Our platform is non-judgemental, discreet and efficient. It is our goal to provide safe and easy access to birth control, putting YOU in control!

Prev. app

What do our users say

"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback you've received. Click to edit and add yours."

Simone Woods

"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback you've received. Click to edit and add yours."

Nicole Yang

The service is amazing. The app is easy to use, delivery was quick and discreet. This has been my most convenient experience to access contraceptive pills.

Loved the platform for it's efficient, discreet and non judgemental approach. The shipping and delivery was also super convenient!

Our Team

Meet our Medical Experts

Our team of highly qualified obstetricians and gynaecologists ensure that each user receives the highest quality, personalised, state-of-the-art care healthcare — always.

Dr Girija_edited_edited.png

Dr. Girija Wagh


Gynaecologist, Obstetrician & IVF Specialist


Dr. Shobha Guddi

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
DNB - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellow of Indian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FICOG)

Gynecologist, Obstetrician


Dr. Namrata Nehra



10,000+ users served and counting

Our service provides personalised, affordable and effective oral contraceptive options so that you are always in control! We deliver throughout India to provide you care where you are. 

  • Does Prev. provide automatic refills?
    Yes! Prev. will ship you the pills every month. Every package we ship will last approximately one month and we will ship you a new package before the pills run out.
  • How does Prev. work?
    Prev. is an app based birth control pill subscription service. The service makes the process of getting and taking birth control pills safe and easy - from getting a prescription to ordering the pill. The Prev. app will even remind you to take the pill on a daily basis. ​ The Prev. app will ask you a few health questions, our doctors will review your unique health information, recommend you a suitable pill and issue a prescription. Your pills will be delivered to your door in discreet packaging (free delivery of course).
  • How much does Prev. cost?
    The subscription plans start at Rs 149 per month. Birth control pills, prescription, delivery and all the feature functionalities of the app included in the monthly subscription fee.
  • Which pill is right for me?
    Humans are complex, unique and beautiful, so the type of birth control pill that’s best for them is ALSO not a black and white option! There are over 100 different options for birth control pills out there in the land of pharmaceuticals, but it all comes down to two main types of birth control pills: Combination pills and Mini Pills. Why are they different? What do these pills do? And most importantly, how do you get them? If you’re confused, we get it. But that’s what we’re here for! Read more details in our blog and answer the questionnaire in our app to know which pill is right for you.
  • What are the long term effects of contraception on fertility?
    Misconceptions regarding contraception use and its effects can often lead to ineffective use of the same. Some may not even consider it as an option because of the myths they have heard. The verdict is that using birth control doesn’t cause infertility or severely delay the time by which you can conceive. The only thing you need to be mindful of is how long it can take for your body to go back to its natural rhythm and that you consult a doctor before using birth control. If you’ve been considering going on the pill and are wondering how it would affect your fertility? Read our blog where we explore some common questions you may have about the long-term effects of birth control.
  • What are the benefits of birth control pills?
    Birth control pills are not only an effective way of preventing pregnancy, but they can also reduce symptoms of PMS, improve acne, and make menstruation more regular. ​ You’ll find all the information you need in the app. It takes about 5 minutes to order your pills. Read our blog to know more about the benefits of birth control pills.
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Making your sexual health journey safe!

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